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Dark Elves are one of playable races in EverQuest Next. They are race of well-known warriors and fighters with dragon essence in blood.
Crafting system in EverQuest Next is very unusual. This guide will tell you everything about professions, harvesting resources, smelting ore and creating items. You will also find out everything about leveling professions.
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Dwarves in EverQuest Next are a famous race of strong warriors, skilled miners and crafters. They prefer to live underground digging deep searching for ores and gemstones.
Ogres are one of playable races in EverQuest Next. They are big and strong warriors who prefer to fight and receive honor in battles rather than participate in political intrigues.
Most races in EverQuest Next are familiar to fans of EQ game franchise. Right now there is no information about racial bonuses and skills but we hope to see this information soon.
Map in EverQuest is divided into different regions. The size of map is big enough but don’t forget that Norrath is not flat. You can explore underground by digging. This makes the world much bigger.
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Combat system in EverQuest Next is non-target. This guide will tell you about destructible world, resistances, PvP and PvE fights in the game.
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A lot of in-game content in EverQuest Next will be dynamic and based on events. This guide will tell you about how this system works.
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There are different gods and religions in EverQuest Next. Some of the gods are familiar to EQN fans, but some are new. They are not just powerful entities. Your worship will influence gameplay.
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There are no traditional levels in EverQuest Next. You need to discover new classes in order to progress. Achievements and items also play very important role in the process of making your character stronger.
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Different Classes in EQN have different combination of skills. Every ability has Origin and Damage type. It's very important to understand the system of skills.
There are more than 40 different classes in EverQuest Next. Here you can find all the information about builds, progression and roles.

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